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March 27, 2012
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Otherwordly Dreamer by KatlinSumnersModel Otherwordly Dreamer by KatlinSumnersModel
The model is me, Katlin

My Website
Model Mayhem for Booking
Blog: updated often
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Also, please feel free to add me to your watch and come talk to me anytime! I absolutely LOVE meeting and conversing with new folks and artists, its really one of the wonderful things that I love about this website. The more amazing individuals I can meet and connect with from all over, the happier I will be! :heart:

Check out other recent photos of mine:

Photographer: Dayjavue
MUA: Svio
Hair: Dayjavue
Wardrobe: Empress Mess (Even the shoes)
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Krissey Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
:bulletblue: Your beautiful artwork has been featured here: :bulletblue:

PS: :heart: the shoes ;)
another fine appearance of my favorite shoes :D
oh yes! and some other shots in other Jeffrey Campebells now too. I like that I have awesome pictures of me in shoes and cool clothing, it pacifies my desire to buy stuff LOL
haha well that is sweet xD
Everyone needs some shots of themselves in cool shoes and clothes LOL, it is a great self esteem booster :D
do they at least let you keep the shoes, as like a free sample or something??
Heck yes, shoes!
Nope, I get paid for my work though. I honestly wouldn't even use the shoes if I did get to keep them. I'm a really plain dresser, contrary to my photos. Like... really plain. Dress slacks and a casual top every day of my life.... huuuuge change from when I was a Goth girl back in the day, haha. Its always funny because I still listen to black and doom metal, and no one ever expects it... But with shoes, I'd just use them in other shoots, and those types of shoes are the sort that shouldn't be over used, anyhow :)
Yea, I suppose you are correct :)
thats pretty funny about your musical tastes as well, actually
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